Monday, July 9, 2018

Awesome God

Our God is an awesome God!
He spoke the worlds into existence
There’s no resistance
That can stand against His authority
He doesn’t need agreement from the majority
He demonstrated the power of ONE
When He sent His Son
Into the Earth
Through a miraculous birth
And demonstrated His Love
When He watched from above
His only Son being crucified
His only Son who died
Just so that you and I could abide
In Him
Cause Love wins
Every time
And our every breath is a sign
Of His awesomeness displayed
When He made ‘da grave
His bed
And was raised from ‘da dead
His agony for our bliss
He’s ‘da Boss in this
And every other place
Dat’s why I’m so amazed
As I gaze into His face
And declare
Join me if you dare!
Our God is an awesome God!

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Apostolic Process

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We’ve gotta learn before we TEACH.

We’ve gotta come before we go.

We’ve gotta receive before we give.

We’ve gotta eat before we digest.

We’ve gotta digest before we become what we eat.

We’ve gotta listen before we really hear.

We’ve gotta really hear before we speak.

We’ve gotta understand before we explain.

We’ve gotta become before we really represent.

We’ve gotta follow before we lead.

We’ve gotta empty ourselves before we be filled.

We’ve gotta SEE before we guide.

We’ve gotta be before we do.

We’ve gotta do before we be.

We’ve gotta stretch to overcome before we run.

We’ve gotta bend before we lift.

We’ve gotta connect before we correct.

We’ve gotta SEE Love before we become Love.

We’ve gotta become Love before we be Love.

We’ve gotta love before we parent (truly educate).

We’ve gotta prepare before we test.

We’ve gotta test before we rest.

We’ve gotta die before we live.

We’ve gotta live before we die.

We’ve gotta reach before we TEACH.

Cause THAT’S the Apostolic Process by which we fulfill
The Apostolic and Prophetic Educational Mandate!

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Apostolic Educational Mandate: Establishing Heaven's VISION in the Earth

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Apostolic and Prophetic Educators are CALLED by God to establish the VISION of Heaven in the Earth!

But HOW is this PRACTICALLY possible?

Habakkuk 2:2 - "... Write the vision and make it plain on tablets..."


Yet, within the BOOK of Habakkuk (not just these 9 words!) lies the SECRET to fulfilling the Apostolic Educational Mandate to COME and learn of Christ and to GO only as Christ SENDS you to establish the VISION of Heaven in the Earth.

We CANNOT establish a vision that we DO NOT SEE! And this is NOT talking about your multi billion dollar business plan. Come on somebody!

V isionary (Heavenly and Earthly)
I ntercedes,
S ees and sanctifies the temple from the
I nside -
O ut
N ever ceasing until completion

Christ our King is the Heavenly Visionary. He sees and He has already established His vision in Heaven. Apostolic and Prophetic Educators are CALLED to serve as His ambassadors and representatives in the Earth.

Therefore, they are the Earthly visionaries that God uses to establish Heaven’s vision in the Earth. We are the conduits that Holy Spirit uses to VISIBLY reveal Heaven in the Earth by establishing Heaven’s vision in the Earth.

The time is NOW to answer the CALL to BE REformed in order to BECOME a REformer... and to BE REvolutonized in order to BECOME a REvolutioner!

The KEY to the fulfillment of the Apostolic Educational Mandate is found in the APOSTOLIC PROCESS!

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

America! The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!

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Jesus fled to Egypt as an immigrant retracing the steps of the nation of Israel in the days of Joseph. He is the True Vine into which we are “grafted in” and receive Life. We ABIDE in Him and He ABIDES in us. We are Immigrants No More! We are Orphans No More!

This is an essential part of the Gospel of the Kingdom. For in Christ, we are ONE new man! We are ONE Son dearly beloved in whom the Father is well pleased. Our desire ought to be that EVERY soul awaken to this Truth and reality. The events in the world and our response to them expose our hearts and the measure to which Christ’s heart beats in us. After all, when they bid Him to send the children away, He replied, “LET THE CHILDREN COME! FOR OF SUCH IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!”

Do we understand that this was a prophetic picture of US? How then should we respond to nations who still must awaken to Christ’s call to COME?  When Christ came to Earth, He announced, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

The zealots sought to “make Israel great again” through their nationalism. Yet, the Lord told Peter to put away his sword.

Others sought to “make Israel great again” through their religious ideologies. Yet, when Christ, Israel’s Liberating King stood trial, they exclaimed, “We have no king but Caesar!” And Christ replied, “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

Both groups missed the coming of the Kingdom, because they failed to “be born again” in order to SEE and ENTER the Kingdom that was AT HAND... not far away in distance OR time.

Behold, again the Kingdom is at hand! We MUST “be born again”. Will we cling to the hopes of yesterday that some perceive to have been so great or will we “be born again” NOW in order to SEE and ENTER the Kingdom that is at hand?

For truly, the Kingdom is within... Christ in us the hope of glory... Christ through us manifested glory!

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I Will Not Bow

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You don’t know the cost of the oil in my alabaster box. 
I’m not about to waste a single drop.
I will not bow to your expectations.
I will not bow to your manipulations.
I will not bow to the idol that you tried to make me.
I will no longer “fake me”
Cause it’s taken a lifetime to awake me.
And I’m not about to forsake me.

The me that I have just begun to find
The me that is wholly mine
To give away as a LIVING sacrifice
Only I know the true price
I’ve had to pay
Along the way
So, come what may
I will not bow to another
Not one single “other”
Cause all else are just idols
And I’m done with performance recitals
Though life is a stage
There’s another war to wage
Behind the scenes
One for which I give my entire being
Just to live fully aware of my oneness
And the doneness
Of my intimacy with my Lord
So, I throw all else but Him overboard
And I draw my Sword,
The Apple of My Eye
For which I don’t even have to try
To engage with by struggle
I can’t even be subtle
Cause I’m so in love with Him
I can’t even begin
To describe
I just continue to abide
And release all the lies
As I cling to my Liberating Truth
Bearing the fruit
Of intimacy
To the measure of infinity.

You don’t know the cost of the oil in my alabaster box. 
I’m not about to waste a single drop.
I will not bow to your expectations.
I will not bow to your manipulations.
I will not bow to the idol that you tried to make me.
I will no longer “fake me”.
Cause it’s taken a lifetime to awake me.
And I’m not about to forsake me.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

God's Original Intention for Education

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It is time for a 21st century educational revolution!  During a recent graduate course at Liberty University, we thoroughly examined how the current educational system and structure has remained fundamentally the same in spite of the enormous changes that have occurred within culture and our world.  Just to name a few, think of the advances we’ve made in the areas of technology, transportation and medicine.  The changes in education are minimal in comparison!  Educational reform is a great buzz word, but very little reform has really taken place in education. 
From a Kingdom perspective, what really needs to change in education?  As in all areas of society and life, the greatest change that needs to be made in education is our perspective of it.  True spiritual reformation will only take place to the measure that our VISION is aligned with God’s VISION.  Therefore, the primary question that we need to ask and answer is this: What is God’s VISION for education?  In other words, what was God’s ORIGINAL INTENTION for education?
As I was seeking the Lord concerning these very questions, He answered me in a very peculiar way.  I began by searching the Scriptures to find the “first mention” of the concept (words related to) education.  I began to question, when was the first-time instruction and learning took place in the Scripture?  In the midst of my search, the Lord took me to the seemingly most irrelevant verses to education and BLEW ME AWAY with what He revealed concerning His ORIGINAL INTENTION for education.     

One day as I was seeking to Lord , He clearly spoke, “Isaiah 48:7” to me and led me to this Scripture.  Isaiah 48:7 (NKJV) states, “They are CREATED NOW and not from the beginning;  And before this day you have not heard them, Lest you should say, ‘Of course I knew them.’ 

Suddenly, the words, “CREATED NOW” jumped out at me, and the Lord began to minister to me concerning His NOW creative work in our lives.  Apostle Paul taught that in Christ we are “NEW creatures”, which means that the message of the Gospel is one of God’s miraculous work of REcreating us according to His original intention and purpose for our existence in the Earth.  Through this the Lord began to AWAKEN me to a fresh perspective of His VISION for education, which in ESSENCE is His REcreative work in our lives. 
The Hebrew word for create in this Scripture is bara’, and it is the same word used in Genesis 1:1 – “In the beginning, God CREATED…”  So, the revelation of Isaiah 48:7 led me back to the first three verses of the Bible to reveal God’s VISION for education.  Within this passage, there are five components of God’s original intention for humanity and for education.  In fact, the remainder of the contents of the Bible are PROPHETICALLY REVEALED in Genesis 1:1-3.  Let’s take a look!
   1.     “In the beginning” – These words prophetically reveal God’s intention to establish “Divine Appointment” in our lives.  Though God is ETERNAL, and exists OUTSIDE OF TIME, He INTENTIONALLY created TIME in order to establish His APPOINTMENT of and with humanity.  In fact, God’s CREATION of TIME preceded all other aspects of His creation, INCLUDING His creation of US!  In fact, the ESSENCE of God’s VISION for EDUCATION is wrapped up in the only time that exists, which is NOW!  Right NOW is a Divine Appointment through which God is fulfilling His original intention for the nations (humanity) and for and through education.       

   2.     “God created” – These words prophetically reveal God’s intention to establish “Divine Creation” in the Earth and in our lives.  According to the Gesenius' Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon, the Hebrew word bara’ has the following multiple meanings:  
    1. "To cut, to carve out, to form by cutting" = Related to the WORD covenant, which we will examine later... AND reFORMation, which is the REcreative work of the Lord in our lives!
    2. "To create, to produce" = Related to the Lord's command to be FRUITful and multiply; and Christ's John 15 discourse with His disciples regarding bearing MUCH FRUIT
    3. "To beget" - Related to the ultimate purpose of God, which is SONSHIP in the Earth... such as Christ who was the only BEGOTTEN son of God and US, who have been given the right to be children of God and to BECOME SONS (Spiritual Maturity)
    4. "To eat, to feed, to grow fat.” - Related to the Lord's command to Ezekiel to EAT (the scroll) that He gave him; AND Jesus' command to His disciples that they must EAT His body and DRINK His blood. 

     Ultimately, our REbirth and process of BECOMING a NEW CREATION in Christ is the essence and meaning of education according to the Lord’s VISION, perspective and original intention. 

   3.     “The heaven and the earth” These words prophetically reveal God’s intention to establish “Divine Connection” in our lives.  By matter of fact that the  conjunction AND (Hebrew word ‘eth) is present reveals that God’s original intention was for Heaven and Earth to be CONNECTED and never separated or disconnected from one another.  Therefore, education is the process of RESTORING the connection between Heaven and Earth in and through our lives.  As a result of Christ’s REcreative work in our lives, we are empowered to coexist in Heaven and Earth as a means of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth.  Thus, the Lord’s prayer that says, “… on Earth as it is in Heaven…”

CONTEXTUAL SETTING OF EDUCATION:  “The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.”  These words prophetically reveal that the context of Christ’s REcreative work in the Earth is one of apparent chaos and confusion.  This explains how so many aspects of our lives APPEAR to contradict the very GOODNESS of God and His SOVEREIGNTY to accomplish His original intention concerning us.  Yet, this should not be a surprise, because this seeming contradiction was PROPHESIED way back when the Torah was first spoken (God breathed) and first written.  Through the revelation of Jesus Christ, we now know that in reality this apparent confusion is nothing more than a “Divine Setup” for the manifest glory of God!

   4.     “And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”  These words prophetically reveal God’s intention to establish “Divine Covenant” in our lives.  The Biblical understanding of covenant (Hebrew word beriyth) signifies an alliance or pledge that is related to the concept of cutting demonstrated by the compact made between two parties by passing between pieces of flesh.  Yet, in this instance the Spirit of God is the one making a COVENANT, ALLIANCE or PLEDGE of His own volition by hovering over the waters, which represent the future nations (humanity and inhabitants) of the Earth.  Interestingly, He made this COVENANT even before the creation of Adam, just as while we were YET SINNERS Christ died for us!  BEFORE we could ever agree to our union with Christ, He INITIATED His COVENANT with us.  This is PROPHETICALLY demonstrated through the Spirit’s act of hovering over the waters in the very beginning.  Therefore, just as apparent confusion (Divine Setup) is the natural context of education, the spiritual context of education is COVENANT, both with God and one another.  We are SURROUNDED and HOVERED over by the Spirit of Christ, who has COVENANTED with us that we may BECOME the fullness of who He created, called and ordained us to be in Him through His VISION of EDUCATION (the very process by which this REcreation and REformation occurs in our lives.      

   5.     “Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.”  These words prophetically reveal God’s intention to establish “Divine Community” in our lives.  What LIGHT shined in the Earth BEFORE the creation of the sun, moon and stars?!!!  It was the LIGHT of Christ, the SON of the Living God!!!  This demonstrates God’s original intention for COMMUNITY with the nations (humanity), which is Christ’s ultimate GOAL and PURPOSE for EDUCATION (His REcreation of us).    

Therefore, it is clearly evident that the Lord’s original intention for humanity and education is the Manifestation of 1. Divine Appointment; 2. Divine Creation; 3. Divine Connection; 4. Divine Covenant; and 5. Divine Community on Earth as it is in Heaven!

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Apostolic Process of Education

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Through the Apostolic Process,

First, the Lord will REcreate you with precision and accuracy according to Heaven’s blueprint.

Then He will AUTHENTICATE you in Heaven and Earth.

Then He will AUTHORIZE you to carry His Kingdom message through the ACTivation of your faith... His faith moving through you.

What are you carrying?

It will grow from SEED to SPROUT to full MATURITY.

For your ministry is more about what you’re carrying than the works that you do. Yet, what you carry will lead to ACTION and PRODUCTIVITY.

Do not be discouraged in this PROCESS. For when the fullness of time has come, you will REST and not strive. You will be fully alive knowing that surely the fullness of time has come... And you have been AUTHORIZED by Heaven to display CHRIST in the Earth!

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