Saturday, January 13, 2018

Haiti: My Country I Love

Haiti 🇭🇹 is my country I love. 
It is kissed by my Beloved. 
I bless her with the fruit of my lips. 
Her beauty I cannot resist. 
I call her children my own. 
Into her, my life I have sown. 
She is the land of covenant for me. 
My Bethel where my eyes were FIRST opened to SEE, 
And I first learned to BE who I BE 
In my true essential identity. 
NO MAN can curse her, you SEE. 
For when I behold her, it is only LOVE that I SEE. 
Just remember, one day ALL shall bow their knee 
And be set FREE from unjust partiality. 
For in the eyes of Christ 
Who paid the ultimate price 
We shall behold one another and finally declare, 
"BEHOLD! We are ALL sisters and brothers
Fathers and mothers 
Of the SAME family called humanity! 
We all contain Abba's DNA 
"What WAY?" did you say? 
There's only ONE WAY! 
He is my BELOVED. 
In Him, we are ONE! 
In the Son 
May our hearts ALL be WON 
By the WAY of the SON 
The WAY of LOVE! 
And the WAY of our ABBA above.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018



When religion is stripped away
All that is left is passion
Not tradition, form or fashion
But unbridled passion
For action.
This passion drives you
Let it surprise you
Leading you to Abba's heart
Inside of you
Then you will see the joy
Set before you
And how Abba adores you
Like Christ, you will sacrifice
Your all and all for ahavah
Because you will be driven
By your God breathed "one thing"
Like David, you will sing,
"One thing have I desired..."
I've endured the mirk and mire
Just to taste and see God's goodness
In this 'one thing'
Cause it's my passion
Not based on form and fashion
But it's my unbridled passion
Awaiting my action
My who drives my do
And passion will drive you too
It is engraved in your DNA
It is Christ, the Way
Manifested through each and every day
Through your passion driven action
The wisdom of God is revealed
And your identity is sealed
Providing a nutritious meal
Not only for you,
But for others too
All for Christ's sake
So, it's time to awake
You have meat you knew not
It is to do the will of Abba
So, follow your passion
And put it into action
NOW!  This moment today
There's no need to pray
About it
Or to doubt it
The passion inside of you
Is meant to drive you
To Abba's heart
Cause by it, you are marked
With purpose
Hidden beneath the surface
Of who you think you are
Is a bright blazing star
Waiting to be revealed
In the fullness of LIGHT
So, let it shine bright
Through your passion
Driven action.

© 2018 Christine Lombard, All rights Reserved; Use only with permission

Monday, January 1, 2018

Embracing the Apostolic Process of Reconciliation

Embracing the Apostolic Process of Reconciliation
The Apostle Paul taught us through his second letter to the Corinthian congregation that God “has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation (II Corinthians 5:18).”  What is this ministry that God has given to each of us individually and to the Body of Christ collectively as a people?  And if this is THE ministry that He has entrusted to us, how can we be sure that we successfully fulfill this tremendous mandate and responsibility? 
Of all the messages Holy Spirit has ministered to me over the years, it is His impartation concerning these questions that has tied them all together.  Through Holy Spirit’s ministry to me, He has called the HOW of the ministry of reconciliation the “Apostolic Process”, and equated this process with the mandate of true Biblically based Kingdom education.  I truly believe that it is God’s purpose to scribally excavate the depths of the revelatory treasure of this apostolic process of reconciliation through us, not only in word, but also in deed.  I can truly say that my heart has been seared with the urgency of this message to such a degree that I am overwhelmed by it.
In fact, there was an unforgettable defining moment in my life when the necessity of embracing and surrendering to this God ordained apostolic process became crystal clear to me.  I have shared it before, and I will share it again for clarity sake.  While on a ministry assignment interceding for a loved one’s salvation, Holy Spirit abruptly grabbed my attention with these words:  “You know your being here is more about you than her?”  Instantly, He had my undivided attention.  After all, how could this be?  I had already received the precious gift of being reconciled to God through Christ’s death and resurrection, and as far as I knew this individual had not.  Perceiving my shock and confusion, Holy Spirit proceeded to speak saying, “Christine, if you will allow me to complete My assignment in you, then you will complete your assignment.” 
For many years, Holy Spirit has been progressively revealing Holy Spirit’s assignment in us as the apostolic process of reconciliation.  He has also been ministering to me the necessity of our role and responsibility in embracing and surrendering to His work through that process in order to become all that God created, called and ordained us to be in Christ.  In other words, the apostolic process is the SECRET of fulfilling our God breathed purpose and assignment on Earth as it is in Heaven.  It is the SECRET to actually walking in our true identity as Christ modeled for us during His Earthly life and ministry.  Recently, Holy Spirit has been ministering to me regarding how, SO FEW people EVER truly walk in the fulness of their identity and fulfill their God given life assignment.  Truly, this failure of so many to apprehend the fulness of their identity and fulfill their God given assignment is a tragedy that grieves the heart of God beyond measure.
 The Apostle Paul described God’s reconciling work in our lives as a process that is so transformational that we actually BECOME a “New Creation”.  Furthermore, he explains that “old things have passed away” and “all things have become new.”  Now, this is absolutely amazing if you think about it.  IN CHRIST, we are REcreated!  We actually DIED (passed away) with Him on the cross.  Our old unregenerated self CEASED to exist on the cross with Jesus, just as HIS former Earthly state also ceased to exist and was buried in a tomb.  Likewise, we were RAISED as a NEW CREATION with Christ, just as HE RAISED in a new form and state of being that was manifested through His ability to suddenly appear and walk through walls. 
I was awakened to the reality of this truth several months back when Holy Spirit spoke the Scripture, “Isaiah 48:7”  to me.  When I looked up this Scripure the words, “THEY ARE CREATED NOW and not from the beginning” jumped out at me, and I began to understand that Holy Spirit was revealing that He wasn’t “just doing a new thing”, but that He was actually doing a RECREATIVE work pertaining to the things that I had laid before Him through intercession.  Just as He spoke through the prophet Isaiah so many years ago, “And before this day you have not heard them…”, He was RECREATING according to His PRESENT / NOW will, NOT JUST fulfilling a previously spoken prophetic word.  You see, sometimes we hold onto prophetic words and labor in prayer seeking their fulfillment, and this is not necessarily wrong, but IN THIS CASE God was revealing that THIS NOW WORK was a NEW CREATION, not a mere fulfillment of a previously released prophesy.
Get this!  According to Apostle Paul’s teaching in his letter to the Corinthian congregation, a NEW CREATION is established EVERY TIME a soul is RECONCILED to God through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.  HOW DARE we take SO GREAT a salvation and work of reconciliation for granted!  But get this!  We are called to COLABOR with God in this SAME ministry of reconciliation, and our unique God ordained assignment can only be fulfilled through the Holy Spirit’s apostolic process in and through our lives.  Therefore, it is time for us to truly embrace and apprehend the magnitude of this process in order to walk in the fulness of our God breathed identity on Earth as it is in Heaven. 
So, I continued to seek God’s face and to excavate God’s Word regarding this revelation of the apostolic process of true Biblical Kingdom Education.  Through prayer, I sought to apply the basic law of Biblical Hermeneutics that builds upon the foundation of the first mention of a term or truth within Scripture.  In other words, I began to seek to find the FIRST MENTION of Kingdom education in the Scripture.  Of course, the principal of Kingdom education can be present without the actual term being used in the Biblical text.  So, I began to search for words such as teach, learn, know etc.  But let me tell you something!  Holy Spirit just straight up INTERUPTED my entire logical Biblical Hermeneutic process and BLEW ME AWAY with revelation that I was not expecting in the least.
What He ministered to me happens to relate to the Apostle Paul’s description of us being a NEW CREATION in Christ, AND Isaiah’s prophesy “THEY ARE CREATED NOW and not from the beginning.”  Because Holy Spirit took me to the VERY beginning of Scripture in Genesis 1, showing me that the very first words of Scripture are the FIRST MENTION of Kingdom Education, pertaining to the very apostolic process that He has been speaking to me about for years. 
Let us take a look and examine the relevance of this Scripture.  For in the Biblical account of Creation in the book of Genesis parallels and foreshadows God’s REcreative work of reconciliation in and through our lives.  See, we are ALREADY a NEW CREATION, yet the APOSTOLIC PROCESS is necessary for this reality to be manifested on Earth as it is in Heaven.  And the Creation account in Genesis prophetically reveals this apostolic Kingdom education process in an amazing way, as demonstrated in the chart below.
In the beginning
Divine Appointment
God created
Divine Creation
the heavens and the earth
Divine Connection
The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep
Divine Set Up in the Midst of                 Apparent Confusion
And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters
Divine Covenant
Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light
Divine Community
What Holy Spirit revealed to me was that prophetically speaking, He is working in the apostolic NOW to complete a REcreative work in the lives of His people, and this REcreative work follows the pattern revealed in the Biblical Creation account.  The apostolic NOW is a divine appointed time through which God declared a NEW BEGINNING in our lives.  This NEW BEGINNING is NOT based on any previous or past occurrence or even word spoken or revealed as the prophet Isaiah indicated by saying, “THEY ARE CREATED NOW and not from the beginning.”  At this appointed time, God divinely RECREATES or REFASHIONS us according to His original intent or perfect will eternally present in His heart and mind before time began.  According to the Creation pattern God created the heavens AND the earth, signifying that He never intended there to be separation between them.  Likewise, God establishes divine connection within the lives on His newly created people that causes the continual and original CONNECTION between Heaven and Earth to manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven.  This DIVINE CONNECTION is established and manifested through the divine apostolic alignment of souls according to the original purpose and intent of God. 
Now up to this point, everything in the Creation account seems perfect, God like and pristine, until we reach the following words:  “The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.”   Wait a minute!  This is God’s miraculous and beautiful creation!  Where does this apparent confusion of an UNformed Earth, emptiness and darkness fit into this?  Holy Spirit ministered to me that this represents a PROPHETIC PATTERN that FORESHADOWED the confusion that would manifest through the entrance of sin within the Earth.  God FOREKNEW what would take place, and revealed it in His Word.  Similarly, each soul that enters the Earth realm experiences apparent confusion of identity through their existence in an UNFORMED or DISFORMED state.  Yet, according to the Creation pattern, this apparent confusion is no more than a DIVINE SET UP, because God had a SOLUTION to this problem.  This SOLUTION is called the apostolic process of reconciliation through Kingdom Education.  In the midst of  apparent confusion, God established His DIVINE COVENANT with Earth and all the inhabitants of Earth when “the Spirit of God was hover(ed) over the face of the waters”.  Likewise, the “waters” represents the nations of humanity!  According to the Creation pattern, God has established DIVINE COVENANT with the people of the Earth.  His Spirit is HOVERING over the nations even now, because He has COVENANTED with them according to His purpose of RECREATING a people from every nation and tribe through the ministry of reconciliation.  Finally, the Creation pattern reveals God’s purpose to establish DIVINE COMMUNITY through His spoken Word, “Let there be light.”  For we know that GOD IS LIGHT!  Therefore, not only did God establish His COVENANT with the nations, but the original intent and purpose of His heart was always to COMMUNE with us through the beauty of DIVINE COMMUNITY, just as the Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) COMMUNE in UNITY as ONE.  Thus, Jesus’ prayer in John 17 asking that His disciples be ONE even and He was ONE with His Father.  Therefore, the Creation pattern REVEALS the foreshadowing of the RECREATION pattern that is being manifested even now through the apostolic process of reconciliation in and through our lives.  Holy Spirit has revealed to me that THIS same PROCESS is the ESSENCE of true Biblically based Kingdom Education.  And it is the will of God that we embrace this process of reconciliation, because we will only walk in our true identity and fulfill our God breathed assignment on Earth as it is in Heaven to the measure that we allow the Holy Spirit to complete His assignment in us.
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Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Great Mystery of Christ

The Great Mystery of Christ

Inspired by Dr. K's (Apostle Kluane Spake's) book, "Connecting: How to Apprehend Spiritual Realities"

The Great Mystery of the cross of Christ is revealed, and countless masses of souls have been sealed with the imprint of distinction called “Beloved by the King Above”.  

“Christ in us the hope of glory.”  Thus, the culmination of Redemption’s story.  No more sorrow, death or waring.  There’s no more need for war.  Can’t you see the veil is torn?  There’s no need to mourn.  Can’t you see there’s so much more?  There’s no need to die.  Can’t you see death is the last lie to say goodbye?  For truly, Christ has opened the eyes of the blind and reset the clock to the only time, called “The Apostolic Eternal Now”.  So, all we have to do is cry out, “Wow!” 

Yeshua Messiah,

Holy, holy, holy are You, the Lord our God, the One who dwells in us and through us bodily.  We have entered our final rest and chosen the treasure called, “BEST.”  So, with gratitude we bless Your name and confess our Apostolic Absolute Liberating Truth.  “We are LOVED.  We are ONE.  Truly, all striving is done and victory for all is won.” 

With gratitude, we display our limitless aptitude, and forever adore and worship You, our Savior, Lord and Husband.  For, we have risen to the last rung of You, Heaven’s Ladder SENT toward Earth, declaring our incomprehensible worth as a wholly connected people, who no longer need a building with an archaic steeple.  For we have become ONE.  We have BECOME Bethel, destroying every deceitful fetter.  We are no longer called “The Great Pretender”.  Rather, we have BECOME Liberating Truth senders and heart menders.  We are lenders, not borrowers or fearful cowerers. 

Oh Lord, we boldly declare this Apostolic Absolute Liberating Truth: “I AM, therefore, I am.”  For we are fashioned after You, the One called both Son of God and Son of Man.  Our humanity we embrace, having shed away all schizophrenic insanity.  We are no longer splintered into pieces.  Rather, we are connected into ONE thesis written upon the scroll of Your heart.  Through Your death and resurrection, You, The Lover and Restorer of All Souls, have pushed RESTART. 

Lord Yeshua Messiah, our existence within Your deity removes all shame, false humility and false piety.  We rejoice in our variety.  For we plagiarize false identities no more.  Rather, we have become more and more unique, as rays of Your LIKENESS, displaying your brightness.  We feel the lightness of Your yoke, because we are fully awoken with the brightness of Your glory, and our rejoicing has swallowed up all mourning, and warning of judgement.  Thus, waring is an irrelevant subject.  Glory to God in Heaven.  Peace on Earth to all men.  Christ revealed in us.  Your ahavah sealed in us.  We are One with You, THE Son.  We are Your chosen WHOLLY CONNECTED ONE, and You are ours.  We sparkle and shine like ONE STAR, all because of whose we are.

“I AM, therefore, I am.”  We have become Elohim’s chosen land, full of multicolored sand, one with the Son of God and Son of Man.  We are glory carriers, Son of God marriers, ONE with Christ, well worth the price of the cross.  We are no longer lost, but found.  We are no longer bound, but free to be wholly connected not only as “me”, but “we” all because of You, the One who hung on a tree, so that we could taste of the Tree of Life and become Your dearly beloved wife.  Intimacy causes us to see that we are no longer disconnectedness, but we are free and connected as ONE Son shining in the Earth as in Heaven.  Just as Your bones were not broken, but remained fully CONNECTED, so were we CONNECTED with You on that tree bodily.  Just as You did not rot in the grave, but rose that we in You might be SAVED, so we too are risen with You and glorified in You bodily. 

Oh, what a blessed wedding!  Our water has been turned to wine, and we are the first of many signs revealing Your identity as the Great I AM, the Son of God and Son of Man.  For this was Your original intent and plan.  This is the Great Mystery of Christ and the reason we declare, “I can become so much more than a fickle religious fan, because I am ONE with the Son and all striving is done, swallowed up by REST, no more, no less than God’s BEST.”  Thus, we confess that all else, but REST is a test meant to cover who we are in You.  So, we cling to You, our Apostolic Absolute Liberating Truth till all things, our identity included, have become uncovered and new in You!  And we boldly declare, “I AM, therefore I am.  Yes, we are ONE with the Son of God and Son of Man!”  For this is The Mystery of Christ revealed by which we have been eternally SEALED.
                                                                              With Ahavah,

                                                                              Your Dearly Beloved  

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My Hiding Place - Song of Worship

My Hiding Place

You are my Hiding Place
You are my Hiding Place
I gaze
Upon the countenance of Your face
You are my Hiding Place
I SEE the fullness of Your glory
I BE the fullness of Your praise
For You are my Hiding Place

You are my Hiding Place
You are my Hiding Place
You wrap Your arms around me
Your Love surrounds me
For You are my Hiding Place
You are my Hiding Place

I am Your Revealing Place
I am Your Revealing Place
You gaze
Upon the countenance of my face
For I am Your Revealing Place
You SEE a reflection of Your glory
Cause I BE the fullness of Your praise
For I am Your Revealing Place

I am Your Revealing Place
I am Your Revealing Place
Every other passion loses me
Cause Your Love infuses me
For I am Your Revealing Place
I am Your Revealing Place

© 2017 Christine Lombard, All rights reserved, Use only with permission

Thursday, November 9, 2017

An Open Letter to My Brother's Abusers

An Open Letter to My Brother’s Abusers

Guardians of Abba’s Child,

            Fiery red hair, bright blue eyes.  A ball of fire, pint size.  So much life and energy… Looking back, I now see anxiety.  He was placed in YOUR care, but you treated him anything but fair.  Let’s play truth or dare.  I dare you to ask Abba to give you HIS eyes.  I dare you to allow Him to expose the lies that led to my dearly beloved brother’s final demise.  You beat him black and blue.  For what?  He never knew.  You shamed and humiliated him.  For all he knew, you hated him.  Your abuse was distributed in the name of religion, leaving little room for decision.  Who would want to know the god you reflected?  He was left to feel ashamed and rejected.  Yet, he had an earnest desire for Truth.  He knew this Truth wasn’t evident in you.  So, he searched deep and wide, I believe even till the day he died.  I know you remember the way he served as my defender.  But he never could find his own mender.  The bruises and scars remained and to this day I have tear stains, thinking about Abba’s love for His fiery red-haired child.  He too was so much more than a social worker’s file.  If only, you could have walked one mile in his shoes.  I don’t believe he would have been so bruised.  Once again, I declare freedom from the past.  Cause nothing but Love shall last eternally, and my Abba heals every infirmity.  I pray that even you come to know the Love of God that overwhelms the vilest of hearts.  I pray He bestow to you the gift of repentance from guilt and shame, enabling you to sincerely call on Jesus’ name!  May forgiveness and healing be yours as you enter through reconciliation’s Door.  Please, remember the boy with fiery red hair and bright blue eyes.  That ball of fire, pint size was Abba’s child, so much more than a social worker’s file.  May you walk a mile in his shoes and know for you and him, Jesus Messiah was bruised.           

Abba’s Reconciled Child       

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An Open Letter to My Abuser

An Open Letter to My Abuser

Guardian of Abba’s Child,

            I was vulnerable in my abandoned state, left to your guardianship by faith.  They knew not that this was a terrible mistake.  You clothed yourself in religion to cover your nakedness.  You masked yourself in false sacredness.  You lied to me about what daddy’s and daughters sometimes do, knowing that a father or mother I never really knew.  You insisted on rules and regulations and displayed a God with very little patience.  You set an eternal ladder before me, and caused me to envision a God who was never for me.  You forgot to tell me that I’m Abba’s child, so much more than a social worker’s file.  You’re mistaken if you thought I would never awaken to the truth.  I remember the true you, not the one you displayed for others to see.  I remember what you did to me.  Yet, there is no hatred or bitterness in my heart, cause my Abba gave me a completely new start.  My only concern is for any others you may have bated and violated since that time.  I pray for exposure and closure on their behalf.  I pray that they find their way to Salvation’s path.  Yes, I even pray for you, that you would repent and turn to the Truth.  You were called to be a guardian of Abba’s child, so much more than a social worker’s file.  I forgive you and declare God's desire to forgive, deliver and heal you too.

Abba’s Child       

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