Sunday, September 9, 2018

Lessons Learned About Suicide

1.     The Struggle is Real.  The struggle against the negative emotions of depression, condemnation, shame, worthlessness and hopelessness, along with the resulting desire to die and escape the reality of seemingly unbearable and inescapable pain is not just some powerless thought that can be ignored or wished away.  It is not a struggle that merits a “JUST GET OVER IT” response, because it cannot just be “gotten over” without true practical solutions and healing.  This includes the insufficiency of "GET OVER IT" counseling or advice re-branded as promises to "pray for you", religious cliches or Bible verses.  Rather, there is only ONE WAY to survive and thrive the very real struggle against suicide and that is to go THROUGH IT on one’s personal JOURNEY to HEALING and WHOLENESS.  I can say with verifiable assurance from my own personal experience to all…  THE STRUGGLE AGAINST SUICIDE IS REAL, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO OVERCOME.

2.     Suicide is a fruit, not a root issue.  The struggle against suicide is connected to beliefs, emotions and thoughts that have a SOURCE, called a ROOT.  The resulting negative emotions and thoughts about dying and suicide are the FRUIT of that ROOT.  The ROOT often spreads deep and wide into many directions through an interconnected web of pieces just like the natural root of a tree.  The ROOT is not always the same from person to person, but it may include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors.  As a result, PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS include, but are not limited to consulting a medical doctor and/or psychologist, change of diet, increased quality sleep and rest, natural supplements, prescribed medication, spiritual counsel, prayer, meditation and personal transformation of beliefs and thought processes.  Most importantly, it is imperative to seek out help from those who are best equipped to help you.  Sometimes, those closes to a person, such as family and friends, though well meaning, are not equipped to help in one’s process to healing and wholeness.  Unfortunately, toxic relationships with those we sincerely love and value most may be a significant part of the ROOT of the struggle and issue.    

3.     You are NOT alone.  One of the biggest misconceptions and deterrents to healing and wholeness is the belief that we are all alone in our struggle.  Yes, it is true that no one else has ever “walked in our shoes” or experienced the EXACT circumstances that have led to our unique pain and struggles.  Yet, PAIN and STRUGGLE is a part of the human experience, and truthfully people all around us can actually relate and empathize with our struggles and pain more than we may ever realize.  And regardless of our faith, belief system and level of awareness of the presence of God all around us, it is a FACT that we are CREATED in His likeness and image.  The Lord’s DNA (Dynamic Divine Nature of Abba) flows through us, and we are SEVERELY LOVED by Him.  We only need to become more AWARE of His presence and love in order to experience the resulting divine encounter, healing and wholeness.

4.     There is HOPE.  Another HUGE misconception and deterrent to healing and wholeness is the negative web of beliefs that result in a sense of hopelessness.  How can I say this?  Because “living in our feelings”, especially the negative ones that are a part of the real struggle against suicide represent the choice of death, not life.  As I expressed in a recent poem, "If I Live in My Feelings", we must choose to live in our healings, not our feelings.  The VICTORY to OVERCOME the very real struggle against suicide largely depends of THIS ONE MAJOR CHOICE… to live in our healings, not our feelings.  In other words, it means to PURSUE life, truth and wholeness, rather than death, deception and brokenness.  How do we do this?  ONE THOUGHT, ONE CHOICE and ONE DECISION AT A TIME.  Yes, the struggle against depression and suicide is REAL, and it’s NOT easy, but IT IS VERY POSSIBLE and ACHIEVABLE TO OVERCOME.  So, let us choose to LIVE and NOT DIE.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255
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If I Lived in My Feelings

If I lived in my feelings
I wouldn’t be alive at all
I’d be on ‘da ground
With no room to even fall
I’d be six feet under
With no ability to even wonder
If there was any hope
For me to get back up and cope

If I lived in my feelings
I’d have no dealings
With a reason to live
Or a chance to even give
A single part of myself to this world
I’d be just another girl
Who called it quits
Before she took her last hit
Of oxygen through her lungs
And I know I ain’t ‘dat one
So, I refuse to live in my feelings
I’d rather live in my healings
Healing from the past
Knowing ‘dat pain doesn’t last
No matter what my feelings say
Healing from the wounds
Inflicted way too soon
For me to recognize
‘Dat they came from lies
But now I’m wise
Enough to know
Some seeds never grow
To full maturity
And I can still regain my purity
As long as I live in my healings
Instead of my feelings!

Cause If I lived in my feelings
I wouldn’t be alive at all
I’d be on ‘da ground
With no room to even fall
I’d be six feet under
With no ability to even wonder
If there was any hope
For me to get back up and cope

© 2018 Christine Lombard

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I Fell Still

I fell still
Against my own will
As I leaned against the window sill
Watching the pain
Fall like rain
I couldn't cease with my own brain
Knowing I was to blame
For my uncomfortable view
Cause I had broken through
My own self protective lock
By rewinding the clock
And forgetting to block
The entrance of my own heart
Now all things were falling apart
And there was no way to push restart
I had already violated the guard
And I was no longer barred
From the locked up secrets
They were published on the leaflets
Of my tears
I had held back for years
Along with pent up fears
Cause I couldn't bare
The thought of going there
Where no man had ever gone before
But I had opened the door
Crossing the threshold
Allowing the truth to unfold
That I wasn't really as bold
As I pretended to be
I wasn't even bold enough to see
The real me
Hiding behind the mask
Of the meaningless tasks
Of my life
Keeping the pain out of sight
Cause such brutal honesty just wasn't right
So, I put up a good fight
To keep everything black and white
Without any shades of gray
Come what may
The secret pain must stay
Never bidden
To come out and play
Till that fateful day
I fell still
Against my own will
As I leaned against the window sill
Watching the pain
Fall like rain
I couldn't cease with my own brain.

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Impacting the Scribal Realm of Education

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Education belongs to the scribe!  Therefore, every scribe is in a position to make a GODLY IMPACT through the scribal realm of education.  But we must first take the limits off of our understanding of 1. Impact; 2. Scribal realm; and 3. Education. 

Impact – To make an impact simply means to influence in a way that increases the manifestation of the Kingdom culture of Heaven and the character of Christ according to His original intention in the Earth.  According to The Scribal Anointing ® curriculum authored by Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson, the primary purposes of every Christ centered scribe is to protect the Word of God and to teach the word of God.  Obviously, the implications of this understanding include the truth that scribes have a central role in impacting or influencing education both within the congregation and throughout society.

Scribal Realm – The sphere or domain of scribal activity, whether administrative, instructional or creative as discussed in The Scribal Anointing ® curriculum authored by Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson. 

Education – The process of each person’s becoming the fullness of the authentic image of Christ and person God created, called, ordained and sent them into the Earth to be according to God’s DNA within them.   

As we take the limits off our traditional understanding of what it means to impact the scribal realm of education, I hope that we see that one does not necessarily need to be immersed in a formal academic educational setting to impact education.  Why?  Because education is SO MUCH MORE than what takes place within classrooms and schools.  Ultimately, the apostle Paul was crying out for the EDUCATION of the believers in Galatia when he wrote the following excerpt in his letter to them.   

Galatians 4:19 Amplified Bible (AMP)
“My little children, for whom I am again in [the pains of] labor until Christ is [completely and permanently] formed within you.”

Therefore, according to Christ’s and Paul’s shared vision with Christ, education is the PROCESS of spiritual maturity through which we become SONS and HEIRS of the Kingdom through the revealing of Christ in and through a people on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Yet, at the same time, those who ARE CALLED to SERVE as EDUCATORS within academic settings have a very unique role and opportunity for impacting the scribal realm of education.  We will definitely address this and its implications for formal academic educators. 

Therefore, I want to encourage my fellow educators to maximize their impact on education through their scribal assignments, as well… while making sure that those of you who are NOT called to such do NOT feel as though this clarion call to impact the scribal realm of education does not apply to you, because it very well can still GREATLY apply to you.  Let me share just a few examples with the understanding that many of these examples can easily cross over between the formal academic educational setting and the informal nonacademic educational setting.  Likewise, many of these examples can easily cross over between administrative, instructional and creative aspects of scribal activity and ministry (service).

·       Administrative: Developing curriculum resources for adults or youth; Developing and directing educational programs for adults or youth implemented in community centers, churches, libraries or other venues outside of the traditional school building; Leading mentorship programs in or outside of the traditional school setting; Provision of services for the homeless or those seeking employment; Administration of Prison ministry; Ministry schools; Conferences and workshops; Bible study or various home groups; Financial administration and management within various educational settings; Establishing homes for displaced children and youth; schools and educational based events and ongoing programs… 

·       Instructional: Developing curriculum resources for adults or youth; Authoring children’s books or for all ages; Authoring and publishing of blogs, magazines, newsletters etc.; Formal and informal teaching in any setting; Discipleship and Mentorship of any kind and on any level; Organizing of any fellowships or groups centered around any particular interest; Various ministries within the local church, missions or services provided within the community…

·       Creative:  Any activity related to the arts or creative expression in any environment; Spoken word; Dance; Music; Drama; Martial Arts; Arts and Craft; Creative lesson planning and curriculum resource development; Development and implementation of innovative strategies and solutions within various educational settings…   

Once again, education belongs to the scribe!  Therefore, every scribe is in a position to make a GODLY IMPACT through the scribal realm of education.  In other words, every administrative, instructional and creative scribal gift that the Lord has imparted into us can be used to IMPACT the development, maturity and education of others to the end that they BECOME the fullness of who God created, called and ordained them to be in Christ.  As a result, the Kingdom of Heaven will be manifested on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


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Scripture References: Genesis 1 – 2; Matthew 13:1-23; Matthew 25:14-30; Acts 17:16-33; Colossians 1:16

Acts 17:26 – “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.”

God has made an INVESTMENT in us, and He is LOOKING for a RETURN on His investment.

In the same way that we IMPART into students / disciples / mentees and EXPECT to SEE a RESPONSE and RETURN on our investment in them, Holy Spirit is our 24/7 IN HOUSE Teacher, and God is LOOKING for a RETURN on His investment.

What kind of return is He looking for?  To answer this question, we only need to consider what He has invested in us.  Whatever He has invested in us is what He expects to see DUPLICATED and MULTIPLIED as a RETURN.

When a farmer plants apple seeds, they expect an apple tree to grow and PRODUCE A RETURN of apples.  So, the question we must ask ourselves is... what has God INVESTED in ME?  He's looking for a RETURN.

There is both a nature AND nurture aspect to this investment.

Not nature VERSUS nurture, but nature AND nurture.

What do I mean?  God breathed His DNA into us, and through “The Prophetic Art of Becoming" His DNA is purposed to develop and grow into full maturity.  Truly, God's DNA (image) is in EVERY human being whom He created and in whom He BREATHED the breath of Life.  Therefore, God INVESTED His BREATH... His LIFE... His DNA... His IMAGE in us!

The MAGNITUDE of this Truth overwhelms me sometimes. It REALLY does even now.

Oh, how He LOVES us!  How He GAZES at us and all that He has invested in us... with EXPECTATION... to RECEIVE a RETURN on His investment.

I pray that the WEIGHT of this Truth REALLY... I mean REALLY possesses us to the CORE of our being... I would that ALL would FEEL the weight of His LOVE through the depth and weight of this Truth by revelation, drawing us ALL into greater INTIMACY with Him!

Before we move onto the NURTURE aspect of God’s investment in us, the Lord desires us to more deeply consider the NATURE aspect of His investment.

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Stand at the Gate

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Pain is an unwelcomed companion
So, stand at the Gate for understanding
Cause Wisdom still raises Her voice
We just gotta make Her our choice
Where is your Gate?
Go there for goodness sake
Is it found in singing your song?
Then sing all day and night long.
Is it found in your writing?
Then with pen in hand, keep fighting!
Is it found in your night dreams
Then sleep and drink from the Living Stream
Pursue wholeness no matter the cost
At the Gate you'll never be completely lost
Yes, Pain is an unwelcomed compannion
So, stand at the Gate for understanding

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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Don't Worry 'Bout a Thang!

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Don't worry 'bout a thang.
Let it rain.
Let 'da thunder BOOM
And 'da lightning fill 'da room,
But STILL don't worry 'bout a thang.
Cause ‘da One Who made
‘Da rain, thunder and lightning
Ain’t frightening
He ain’t worried
And His vision ain’t blurried
In ‘da least
So, receive His peace
And be at ease.
He sees your every hit and miss
And STILL can’t resist
Smiling and singing over you
It’s not too late
To arrive at your appointed destination
You even have time for vacation
Cause Your Creator’s got you
He never forgot you
He just patiently waited
For you to awaken
So, don’t be mistaken
You ain’t gotta
Worry ‘bout a thang!

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